You can call me Mik.

I get to be the wife of the most amazing human and my best friend. We're both creatives who love exploring the world around us, laughing with friends and family, and learning new things as we grow every day. Our home is Austin, TX and we have dreams to adventure together and get to use even more of our creativity while collecting memories.

I'm passionate about natural living, discovering simple tools that benefit our bodies, and make our homes feel warm and uplifting.


My heart is to share the things that have worked for me and my family with hopes they can help you too.


My prayer is that you will find new friends in your corner through this special community of ours. 

Welcome to the fam.

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how I got into this...

in October of 2015 I was faced with a diagnosis. One that shocked me and left me numb and confused at 22.


Suddenly I was made aware of things that were negatively affecting my body.  A couple months later, after the numbness wore off and I began researching, I finally became *desperate* enough to try some new things I would've quickly written off before. My husband and I chatted lots and we decided to begin the process of slowly adjusting our lifestyle.


We had to be more conscious.


Over *lots of* time, for us, that looked like drinking plenty of water, being mindful and allowing room for grace when my body needed rest, clearing out our home of harmful chemicals that could be disruptive of hormones and harsh on the body, doing our best at eating as plant-based as possible with fresh whole foods and limiting inflammatory foods, setting boundaries and making sure I get enough rest and sleep and being mindful of stress.

during all this research, I came across a post from a blogger (yes, this was back in the days when blogging was much much bigger!) I had been following for years. Her words resonated and touched my heart and I could see part of my story in hers. If it had not been for the trust I had in her, I probably wouldn't have clicked the button. But I did.

I got a beautiful package in the mail with tools made of plant juice. I smelled each one and found myself shocked at how wonderful they smelled. I set up the diffuser (only for our cat to chew through the cord shortly after) and filled it with lavender in our bedroom for that night. I made a room spray with frankincense and lavender, and a dreamy skin serum for my nightly routine. We've found so many new tools to reach for when we need them. From tummy support to helping balance our emotions through smell and pausing to breathe throughout the day to sleep support to boosting our immune systems, to even being able to replace our common household products with low tox alternatives scented with essential oils instead of harmful fragrance.

"we had to be more conscious"

We have grown and failed many times, reminding ourselves that we need grace and we aren't expected to be perfect. With the help of the community around us, we've been able to establish healthier habits and a new rhythm.


Over time and building habits, it's become such a simple part of our routine to whip up a quick little roller to take with us for a big day at work, or a long car ride, or a restful night in. To pop our favorite blends into the diffuser that make our home smell warm and inviting. To promote clarity and focus while we're working. And to give our skin some special love it so desperately needs.

We're here to help you learn step by step with simple tools and plenty of recipes and tips at your disposal from what we've learned and from those in our community! If we haven't personally experienced a question you have, we have someone who is ready to give you some pointers as you do your own research.

We love that we can have peace of mind with what is in our home and on our bodies.