so what are essential oils?

the life force of a plant

Essential oils are the immune system of the plant they originate from. You'll often hear them called the "life force" of a plant.


But what does that mean exactly??


Just in the same way our blood pumps through our bodies, helping to oxygenate, cleanse and give life - an essential oil behaves in exactly the same way within a plant.


Essential oils help the plant fight infection, maintain overall health, and heal whenever the plant is injured. They are the life of the plant!

essential oils are concentrated plant juice


what are essential oils?

Within 22 seconds of applying oils, the molecules have already reached the brain. Within 2 minutes, the molecules can be found in the blood stream, and within 20 minutes of applying, they can be found in every cell in the body.

Plants have amazing properties that can naturally improve and maintain wellness, while being better for us and the environment. They are versatile and concentrated, and a little goes a long way.

We use different kinds of essential oils daily. They are used to flavor foods, in cosmetics, candles, toothpastes, etc. Many of the essential oils we come into contact with throughout the day, however, are synthetic essential oils or are not harvested through sustainable and ethical practices. Meaning that they have been man-made or have additives/toxins/fillers in them that are less expensive to manufacture. These kinds of essential oils can cause more harm than good. Toxins can be stored in the body as the body does not know how to process them. These can build up over time, causing fatigue, mental tiredness, and an entire host of health issues in the long term.

how can you use them?


Essential oils can be applied either diluted with a carrier oil or undiluted onto the skin. Each oil has it's own properties, so check the label for suitability of application, dilution ratio, and our kids and littles dilution charts for details.


Diffuse or add to hot water/steam to experience the aromatic benefits of essential oils and create a spa-like atmosphere.


Some essential oils can be used as flavoring for your favorite beverages and cooking recipes. Only use essential oils that are labeled as suitable for flavoring, and follow the usage instructions. 


why young living?

Not all essential oils are the same.

Young Living is committed to providing essential oils that meet strict quality standards, and are sourced and produced ethically and with sustainable farming practices. Each bottle that Young Living produces is completely filled with 100% pure, therapeutic grade, essential oil. They are concentrated, and a little goes a long way.

Unfortunately, the current laws in the United States regarding essential oils require that only 5% of the bottle be filled with 100% pure essential oil for the bottle to be labeled as "pure." So that bottle at the store may not give you the same experience you hoped for and what everyone has been raving about.

Young Living has a Seed to Seal process that is unique and sets this company apart. You can visit any of the farms in the world to see for yourself how the essential oils are harvested and produced!

what is the seed to seal standard?

Seed to Seal is a set of standards that each oil produced by Young Living must meet in order to be sold to consumers and used in other products. They help ensure that each and every essential oil is at it's very best when it reaches you and your family. 

With over two decades of experience and innovation and global resources, Young Living is committed to only providing the best and consistently improving.

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