the skinny on the ditch + switch
Have you had a moment where you questioned what was in that thing you just used?? I don't know about you, but several years back I was cleaning my shower, with some "scrubby bubbles" type thing, and I kid you not, the rest of the day I was coughing, had a headache, my hands were dry and scratchy, and the smell.... oh the SMELL... was so strong! That was a moment I turned the bottle over and looked at what was in it. I think we can all agree that cleaning shouldn't be that complicated ;)
Here's the deal. Many of the products floating around out there contain appalling ingredients that would madden us if we knew every one of them. Many of which are hormone disrupters and can affect our bodies negatively.
Dream with me for a moment, that your fave places to shop (like Target and Amazon) offered an amazing 25% back on every purchase you made! You would be there ALL the time, right?! No brainer!
Did you know that YL offers 10-25% back on your purchases on Essential Rewards?! For real! You can get all of your monthly needs all from one place. We love our one-stop-shop! So even if you're not ready to dive into oils just yet, you can still choose from a huge selection of nontoxic products!
Some products that are consistently in our monthly wellness boxes are: shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, pre/post workout powder, probiotic, supplements, oils, massage oil, bar soap and body wash, makeup, shave oil, lotion, face wash and moisturizer, and so much more! If you have kiddos, they even have a kids and baby line made specially for sweet and gentle bodies!
TO ENROLL: simply log on to your virtual office on Young Living's website and click on the Essential Rewards tab, or contact member services. You can also enroll when you get your starter kit!
low tox living // plant based products
  •   Flexship / Fully customizable monthly wellness box (you can update your order up until the day it ships!)
  • Exclusive products
  • Points back to use for free products!
  • Exclusive promos (free products every month when you hit a threshold!)
  • Discounted, exclusive shipping prices
  • Minimum monthly order is $50pv (pv = points value, about dollar for dollar)
  • Freedom to cancel or restart at any time, no fees  

monthly box highlights

months 1 - 3
months 4 - 24
months 25+
  • sign into your virtual office
  • on the left hand side, you'll see a tab called "ER Monthly Order," click on this tab
  • add items to your order that you need for that month and  click "save"
  • you can change your order as many times as you want up until your processing date
  • you can also change your processing date!
  • I highly suggest YL GO or YL GO+. It's just like Amazon Prime. Faster, free shipping throughout the month. Be sure to check out your options under the ER Monthly Order Tab --> YL GO  

how to set up your monthly box

some of our faves to get on ER

laundry soap

foaming hand soap

household cleaner

essential oils



hand sanitizer

CBD products

muscle rub


lip balm


body wash


mouth wash


pet shampoo


cough drops


protein bars

protein shakes


antioxidant drinks

face wash

body butter

baby products

oils for kids

dishwasher powder

bar soap




insect repellant

hand sanitizer

acne spot treatment

pain relief cream

after-sun spray

dish soap

fruit + veggie wash




makeup remover wipes