got a question?

what comes in the kit?

The Premium Starter Kit comes with 12 oils, a diffuser of your choice, NingXia red samples, sample packets, wholesale membership and full access to our amazing community!

do I have to buy anything after the kit?

Absolutely no! You will not be obligated to buy anything else, unless you want to of course! We have a feeling you just might ;)

You only have to spend $50 in a calendar year to keep your account active!

can I use essential oils with my kiddos?

Absolutely! We will get you all the info you need on how to safely use essential oils with your little ones. We have a special Facebook group for mamas as well!

do I have to sell oils if I buy a kit?

Goodness, no! When you buy your kit you are not locked into any commitments and will never be pressured to sell. 

However, we have a feeling you'll love your oils and will want to get them in the hands of your family and friends eventually ;) If you do decide you'd like to kill it at the business, we would love to link arms with you and get you started. All you need to do is let us know :)

why join wholesale vs. retail?

The kit is the BEST value! Everything in the kit is valued at over $300, if you bought all those oils separately you'd be spending way more! When you buy a kit, you'll become a wholesale member and have access to all our groups, resources, roller recipes, you name it - we got you! You will be drop-hugged into a super fun, exciting community that is ecstatic to get to walk with you on this journey! In addition, you get to enjoy 24% off retail for life!

I'm worried I won't use the oils in my kit!

Don't fret one bit, friend! We have a bunch of resources, a getting started course, and lots of support and education on oils. The last thing we want is for your kit to end up in a cabinet or drawer somewhere unused! We know how amazing these oils are and we want you to experience the same benefits!

how do I get started?

We would absolutely LOVE to have you on our team! To enroll in our group, CLICK HERE, and make sure the member ID #10347211 appears in both the enroller and sponsor sections. 

When you go to this page you will find two membership options. We always recommend to sign up as a wholesale member!

Our team is passionate about supporting our team members and their families. Our goal and strongest desire is to empower you to take control of your health & wellness journey! If you are interested at all in selling oils, please let me know. We have FREE monthly mentorships and open positions on our team to help equip you and set you up for success you never even dreamed of! If you're ready to work hard and you're passionate about people - this is for you!!

Remember! Young Living will reward those under their compensation plan who share their products. Many of us began building businesses with Young Living because of an accidental paycheck. Even if you never want to sell, but you sign up three friends, your starter kit is completely paid for!

why buy Young Living vs. other brands?

I love this question!! I used to use other essential oil brands before I found Young Living, and although I could feel the benefits, I was BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER when I tried an oil from Young Living in comparison. It was such an amazing difference I didn't even finish the other bottle I had from a different company. 


Young Living has a Seed to Seal promise to all its customers to only provide the best, 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. Their farms are rigorously examined to make sure that no chemical has ever been used on the soil to ensure their oils will always remain pure and free of toxins & chemicals. 

I encourage you to always research the oil company you purchase from as many companies use an oil base with synthetic fragrances and name it as an "essential oil" that actually cause more harm than good. We care so much about what we put into our bodies, and we should also care about what we put on our bodies!

Young Living is the only essential oil company I trust for me and my family. Now we use the beauty care and household products from Young Living as well! It makes my cleaning-loving heart so happy to have chemical-free products in my home :)