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got a question?

what comes in the starter bundle?

The Premium Bundle comes with 12 oils, a diffuser of your choice, NingXia red samples, sample packets and full access to our amazing community!

can I use essential oils with my kiddos?

Absolutely! Just keep in mind, essential oils are highly concentrated and need to be used correctly and safely. We will get you all the info you need on how to safely use essential oils with your little ones. We have a special Facebook group for mamas as well!

do I have to buy anything after I become a customer?

Nope! Just like shopping at your favorite online shops, your customer account acts the same at YL!

If you would like to receive certain items (like laundry soap, lip balm, probiotic, or foundation) every month or few months, simply add those items to your Subscribe to Save list!

Save even more with Loyalty Rewards if you have even more items you'd like to receive each month!

Spend $50 in a calendar year to keep your account active!

can I use essential oils around my pets?

Short answer is yes! But as we mentioned above, essential oils are highly concentrated and need to be used correctly and safely. Cats and dogs have much more sensitive noses than humans, so extra care is needed around them! Make sure to search in our team fb group for suggested use around animals.

do I have to sell anything when I become a customer?

Goodness, no! When you become a customer you are not locked into any commitments and will never be pressured to do this as a business. 

When you get your oils, you may find you love them so much you want to share them with your people. If you don't want to become a brand partner, but still enjoy sharing the things you love, you can share your referral link with your friends and family!

how do I get started?

We would absolutely LOVE to have you on our team! To join our community, CLICK HERE, and make sure to enter my member ID #10347211 in the "referral ID" section at checkout to make sure you get access to our community.

When you go to this page, add the items you'd like to try (we suggest Thieves household cleaner + lavender essential oil!), then create an account, enter my referral ID, and finish checkout!

Our team is passionate about supporting our team members and their families. Our goal and strongest desire is to empower you to take control of your health & wellness journey! If you are interested at all in building a business and becoming a brand partner, please let me know. We have FREE monthly mentorships and plenty of room at the table to help equip you and set you up for success! If you're ready to work hard and you're passionate about people - this is for you!!

Remember! Young Living will reward those under their compensation plan who share their products. If you don't quite want to become a brand partner, but still love sharing things you love, make sure to share your referral link with your people!

why become a brand partner?

We have a strong feeling that when you start diving into the world of essential oils and natural living, you won't want to stop talking about it! If you're passionate about sharing what works for you and your favorite things in life, this is a wonderful opportunity for you!

Young Living has the best compensation plan in our personal opinion, but do your own research! You will never have to stock inventory, have some "quota" to meet, or be pressured by anyone in our community. We are here to come alongside you, teach you, encourage you and help you build your dreams!

what does being a brand partner look like?

If I could sum it up in two words: building relationships! In our community, we put people first. We build relationships and meet needs. For us, it's not about selling a product, but sharing a lifestyle we love and believe can help other people.

Once you become a brand partner in the Honey + Rose community, we will plug you into our groups, provide you with all the tools and resources to help get your business off the ground, be available to answer any and all of your questions, and walk alongside you the whole way! While this is hard work and won't happen overnight (just like with any new business!), you will not being doing this alone.

You won't have to keep any inventory (what you buy you get to use in your own home!), your customers purchase their products straight from YL's website, no quotas or expectations, what you earn reflects what you put in, and your business is your own!

You'll have access to all of our team resources with graphics, business tools, classes, and resources you can only find on our team :)

why Young Living vs. other brands?

I love this question!! I used to use other essential oil brands before I found Young Living, and although I could feel the benefits, I was BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER when I tried an oil from Young Living in comparison. It was such an amazing difference I didn't even finish the other bottle I had from a different company. 


Young Living has a Seed to Seal promise to all its customers to only provide the best, 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. Their farms are rigorously examined to make sure that no chemical has ever been used on the soil to ensure their oils will always remain pure and free of toxins & chemicals. 

I encourage you to always research the oil company you purchase from as many companies use an oil base with synthetic fragrances and name it as an "essential oil" that actually cause more harm than good. We care so much about what we put into our bodies, and we should also care about what we put on our bodies!

Young Living is the only essential oil company I trust for me and my family. Now we use the beauty care and household products from Young Living as well! It makes my cleaning-loving heart so happy to have chemical-free products in my home :)