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We are the gatekeepers of our homes.

When we started researching products and really started looking at the labels, we started tossing things into the trash. We couldn't believe how many of our products had harmful chemicals and fragrance in the ingredients list.

Did you know that the word "fragrance" on an ingredients label can actually include all kinds of harmful chemicals that aren't disclosed? Companies are not required by law to disclose what is in their "fragrance" as it's listed as proprietary information. So basically, if you see the word fragrance on a product, set that bottle back down and run for the hills.

Fragrances are toxic.

Many household cleaners contain harmful ingredients that can lead to respiratory and skin irritations, and disrupt hormones. 

what is greenwashing?

Greenwashing refers to marketing that uses specifically selected colors, fonts and packaging to make a product appeal to consumers who are looking for a more natural, organic, sustainable product - while the ingredients are in fact not natural and the product may also not be sustainably or ethically produced.

It makes a product look natural and clean when it truly is not.

Companies who use this form of marketing are hoping that consumers will not turn the bottle over to read the ingredient label, or will not know what ingredients to look out for (like fragrance), and buy their product.

As consumers, we have tremendous power to vote with our dollars. The products we purchase can push companies to move toward more sustainable and ethical practices and to produce products with truly natural and safe ingredients for us and our families.

We get what we pay for! It doesn't always need to be expensive to be better, but if a product has a very cheap price tag, you may want to double check the ingredients and maybe even do some research on the company, because it may be too good to be true.


Good ingredients cost money. Fair wages, sustainable farming practices, allowing for proper regrowth of crops, testing, production, all have a cost. I don't know about you, but I'd rather pay for something that was made with care and the people paid well!


I'm learning that...

less is more

simplicity goes a long way

quality over quantity

slow is good

growth takes one step at a time

young living's household cleaning range

ultra concentrated

less packaging

sustainably and ethically produced


scented with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils

Young Living has a large selection of natural, yet powerful, cleaning products and household essentials.

The Thieves line has everything from all-purpose cleaner to laundry soap to hand soap to even dental floss. You can clean in confidence that what you're using is safe for you and your family. The Thieves cleaning line doesn't use any harsh chemicals, is ultra concentrated, and infused with the fresh and cozy Thieves essential oil blend.

What I love about these is that they're ultra concentrated - so a little goes a long way! It means less packaging, lower cost, less waste, and I'm paying for the product, not water.

In our home, we use the household cleaner to clean our countertops, windows, glass, mirrors, showers, tile, toilets, wood floors, carpet (for when our fur-babies have upset tummies), and spot cleaning on fabric furniture. We only need 2 capfuls to make a strong all-purpose cleaner in a 16oz bottle, and fill the rest with water! It's that easy. Smells like Christmas, and supports the immune system as we clean.

We recommend replacing your products slowly, month-by-month. When we first started this process, we chose to throw some products out and replace them right away, and others that were a little more "natural", we decided to use up and replace when they were empty. Our favorite way to do this is by using Young Living's optional essential rewards program. We are able to chose what we need each month, pick what day we want it to process, get points back to use to get free products, and we even get free shipping and free products selected by YL that are added to our order. If you're the budgeting lovers like we are, this will be so helpful for you!

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