so what are essential oils?

the life force of a plant...

Essential oils are the immune system of the plant they originate from. You'll often hear them called the "life force" of a plant.  But what does that mean exactly?? Just in the same way our blood pumps through our bodies, helping to oxygenate, cleanse and give life - an essential oil behaves in exactly the same way within a plant. Essential oils help the plant fight infection, maintain overall health, and heal whenever the plant is injured. They are the life of the plant!


Young Living uses a careful steam-distillation process to extract the essential oils from the plant they originate from. This ensures each member of Young Living will only be using therapeutic grade essential oils, meaning the life-giving parts remain in tact. These therapeutic grade oils work with your body and assist wherever your body needs the most support.


We use essential oils every day! They are used to flavor foods, in cosmetics, candles, toothpastes - you name it! Many of the essential oils we come into contact with throughout the day, however, are synthetic essential oils. Meaning that they have been man-made or have additives/toxins in them that are less expensive to manufacture. These kinds of essential oils can cause more harm than good. Toxins are stored in the body as your body does not know how to process them. They build up over time, causing fatigue, mental tiredness, and an entire host of health issues in the long term.


This is why I only trust Young Living's essential oils for me and my family. YL ensures that they know the entire history of a farm before they plant on it to ensure absolutely no chemicals and toxins will compromise the wonderful essential oils they extract from the plants that will grow there.


Within 20 minutes of applying or inhaling essential oils they can be found in every cell in your body. Your body is soaking up every drop of the life-giving properties of those oils. Just in the same way essential oils support a plant, it also works with your body to meet its needs.

Our family is forever changed by these amazing essential oils! We are so incredibly blessed to have such life-giving, natural & clean products (from NATURE!) to give our bodies the support they need to function well as they were created to. 

We have countless testimonies of oily lovers who have discovered the incredible benefits of oils and have been able to take control of their health in a way that they never knew possible! We can hardly wait to share in your journey!

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