• Mikaela Lewis

Diffuser Blends You Need Right Now

Updated: Feb 24

I LOVE diffusing my essential oils. It's the fastest way to get the benefits of eo's into your system! Did you know that tests showed essential oils reach your heart, liver, and thyroid within 3 seconds when inhaled??!

We diffuse morning, afternoon, and evening in our family. We like to change up the blends for the time of day and how we're feeling in that particular moment. For instance, I love Stress Away in my diffuser after a long commute home from my day job ;)

When you start with Young Living you get the best. thing. ever. A starter kit! It comes with 11 oils, a bonus oil, a diffuser, NingXia Red drink samples, and a super sweet, fun-filled community.

These diffuser blends are specifically for the oils that come in your starter kit! So for those of you who just got your kit or are about to push that order button, this is for you!

What's in your diffuser today? We're diffusing Perk Up this morning! ALLLLLL the energy support :)