a holistic lifestyle step at a time.


You are making an incredible, beautiful decision for you and your family. The decision to live as low tox as possible, being an educated consumer, only allowing the best for your family and even though you can't control public spaces, you can be the guardian of the threshold of your home.

Let us take the guessing games and overwhelming feelings that come with learning something new out of the picture. We will walk with you, provide education, resources and community to help you along the way. You will not do this alone. Even if you tend be more of a lurker (I see you, friend!), you will still get so much more from this community than you ever could alone.

When I began on my journey in October of 2016 I had no idea how these powerful yet gentle products would help support me and my family. We now are able to support our emotions, immune systems, respiratory systems, and hormones, as well as use safe, non toxic makeup/beauty products and toiletries, and clean our home knowing we are using truly "clean" products that support us instead of harm us. This community and lifestyle are such a gift and a joy to us, and I cannot wait for you to pull up a seat at the table. We'd love to welcome you into our community.


why Young Living?

and why honey + rose co?


Not all essential oils are made the same.

Young Living has a unique Seed to Seal standard that sets us apart from the rest. Every essential oil is 100% pure therapeutic grade. YL is committed to maintaining high ethical and sustainability standards and providing only the best for you and your family.

Who you sign up with matters.

We have a special community. One that is unlike most. We love and do life alongside each other, we will provide you with resources, keep you informed, connect you with community, and be there to answer any questions you have.