free diffuser with kit!

Who doesn't love a good sale?!  I love finding things that are a bargain, so for the month of July I'm offering a FREE diffuser with your purchase when you grab any Premium Starter Kit with me! AND I'm making the deal even sweeter. If you already have a couple diffusers and don't need another one right now, you can choose to get $25 back instead! Just shoot me a message to let me know.

Whether you choose to grab a Premium Starter Kit or the new Welcome Home Kit, simply click the link below and follow the steps to purchase your PSK. Then I will send either your free diffuser or $25 back, along with a welcome package from me! (*Offer is only for US residents - please message me if you're outside the US for an offer special for you!)

a holistic lifestyle

let's take this slow... step at a time. You are making an incredible, beautiful decision for you and your family. The decision to live as low tox as possible, being an educated consumer, only allowing the best for your family and even though you can't control public spaces, you can be the guardian of the threshold of your home.

Let us take the guessing games and overwhelming feelings that come with learning something new out of the picture. We will walk with you, provide education, diys, recipes, and community to help you along the way. You will not do this alone. Even if you tend be more of a lurker (I see you, friend!), you will still get so much more from this community than you ever could alone.

When I began on my journey in October of 2016 I had no idea how these powerful yet gentle products would help support me and my family. We now are able to support our emotions, immune systems, respiratory systems, and hormones, as well as use safe, non toxic makeup/beauty products and toiletries, and clean our home knowing we are using truly "clean" products that support us instead of harm us. This community and lifestyle are such a gift and a joy to us, and I cannot wait for you to pull up a seat at the table! We'd love welcome you into the tribe!!

the premium starter kit.

This is where it all begins! The PSK is the most simple, budget friendly way to start your new wellness journey and join the tribe.


Everything in this kit will help you replace so many things in your home. Not to mention it's always half off ;)

Receive a FREE SECOND DIFFUSER or $25 back from me when you purchase a Premium Starter Kit!!

the new welcome home starter kit.

Ready to start using oils but feeling a little overwhelmed by all the options? Wanting to get better products in your home but a tight budget is a big deal right now?

We want to encourage you to start with the basics, friend! This kit is perfect for anyone just wanting to dip their toe in. Dreamy smells. Powerhouse oils. Support for sleep, stress, skin, and immune!

For the month of July, sign up with me with a Welcome Home kit and choose between a FREE DIFFUSER or $25 back from me! Simply click on the link below, go to the tab "Other Starter Kits,"  and select the Welcome Home Kit!

the thieves starter kit

Not super into oils yet or still have an oils kit from a long time ago & your account when inactive? Or is Monica Geller your spirit animal?


We love this kit because it's the best way to quickly switch out all those yucky cleaning products with safe, non tox, immune supporting products. They smell like a fresh, Christmasy blend of essential oils that will fill your home and leave it feeling so good and so clean.

Receive a FREE DIFFUSER or $25 back from me when you purchase a Thieves Household Cleaning Kit!

the makeup

I remember when Savvy Minerals first came out I was so skeptical of using mineral makeup again. Of course I gave in and tried it. Now I am obsessed with it and how my skin looks and feels.

If you're looking for a non tox makeup regimen, this is the perfect place to start. It comes with everything from masacara to foundation to even a bottle of lavender oil. Also includes your wholesale membership - hello 24% off for life!

Get started with Savvy Minerals makeup!

why Young Living?

and why honey + rose tribe?

We have a special community. One that is unlike most. We provide daily education, resources, business mentorships (if that's your jam), recipes, diys, community and more.

We are a part of the fastest growing team in Young Living right now. You will have access to all of our team resources when you sign up with me!

The Seed to Seal promise from Young Living is unmatched by any other essential oils company. We are the O.G. oil company (26 years young!), and have the highest standards.

Need some help checking out? Check out this video!

what comes with my psk?

12 essential oils

diffuser of your choice

Thieves spray

2 NingXia antioxidant drink packets

2 roller fitments

wholesale membership (hello 24% off for life!)

no commitments

no annual fees

never any pressure to sell

access to our exclusive community + resources