Why You Need to be on Essential Rewards Right Now!

Essential Rewards is like Christmas every month!

It is an optional, monthly flex ship program for wholesale members that gives you 10-25% back on all your purchases. You'll get discounted shipping, exclusive bonuses, and special gifts.

It's free to cancel at any time, you can skip the month, and you can change your processing date anytime you like to best fit your budget and family needs!

Personally, I like to process my essential rewards order at the very beginning of the month, and then I use the points I get back from my ER order towards other items we need unexpectedly throughout the month (like hand soap and foundation/makeup) and get those for free! Who doesn't love free things?!

For the first three months you'll get 10% back in points, 20% months 4-24, and 25% months 25+.

Our family loves this program because we get points back for all our purchases. We moved a good chunk of our grocery store budget over to Young Living for things like hand soap, shampoo/conditioner, laundry soap, dish detergent, dishwasher powder, household cleaner, beauty products, etc. We're not spending more, we're just spending it somewhere else!

The best part is all of our monthly necessities come every month straight to our doorstep! AND we get points back for everything we get along with the current monthly promos! My hubs despises grocery shopping, so as I'm sure you can imagine, this wife is very happy to not have to drudge him to the store for anything but food :)

We were already buying these products at the grocery store, and knew we wanted to "detox" our home. Meaning to rid our home of all the products we had that were full of chemicals and toxins, we had to slowly transfer over our products to good, clean, safe ones. We decided to buy the better, cleaner versions from YL because they're a trusted source for us. All YL's products are chemical and toxin free so you can feel comfortable using them around pets and children!

Here's how to sign up!

+ If you're not already a Young Living wholesale member, sign up here. Make sure my member ID #10347211 appears in both the enroller & sponsor sections.

+ In your virtual office, select "Essential Rewards" and choose your favorite products or an Essential Rewards Pack to create an order of at least 50PV (personal volume - equals about $50)

+ Complete your order!

+ PV Assistant: Don't forget about this! PV Assistant acts as a sort of "wish list" that Young Living will pull from if any of the items in your current Essential Rewards order goes out of stock! This helps me so much! Find PV Assistant under Essential Rewards in your virtual office.





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