How Can Essential Oils Benefit Our Emotions?

This is one of my all-time favorite topics of essential oils!! Emotions are one of the main reasons I started using essential oils and incorporated them into my daily routine, so this is very near and dear to my heart!

Let's dive in!!

Essential oils are SO helpful in supporting emotions, which - let's be honest - affect most of our daily lives.

I'm more excited to teach this class than any other class because this is what changed my mind about oils. This is what made me take the jump and commit to using them every single day. This is where I saw the huge change in my emotional health, by the daily use of Young Living essential oils.

This class will just be a small glimpse into the world of essential oils and our emotions. We are going to focus on the starter kit oils because those are the ones that most of you have, or will have, and some of the most commonly used. This is truly just scratching the surface, there is so much information on how oils can benefit your emotional health. This is the very basics! Stay tuned for a follow up class on essential oils and emotions: beyond the starter kit!

And ask any questions that you have! If I don't answer right away I'll be getting back to you in the next day!

Essential oils can penetrate cell membranes and cross the brain-blood barrier within SECONDS. This allows them to reach the emotional center of our brain, this is where all of our emotions are stored. Essential oils support the body to come back into balance without harmful side effects or chemical based products. They can have a powerful influence over how we think, how we feel and how we behave. Because of oils bringing balance to emotions, we can do that simply through smelling them, through scents.

If you think of even just a warm day at the beach, one of the first things that comes to mind for me is the smell of the salty air. It makes me feel uplifted just thinking about it. Or remembering the smell of your favorite foods and the fresh tree at Christmas time, memories bring me positive emotions just remembering the smells.

The smells of nature leave me feeling uplifted and energized, even just taking a quick walk and getting a breath of fresh air. And nature is essentially what oils ARE so we are going to harness those feelings!

Where to start supporting your emotions with oils?

Let's start with your premium starter kit oils. They are the best place to start and there are eleven amazing bottles of oils here. Each oil is incredibly versatile. Your bottle of lavender, for example, is not just good for ONE thing. There are so many uses and purposes for it. My hope is that, through this, you learn a little bit more about each one of these!

Starting with COPAIBA:

+ I add this to body butter or shaving cream I make for myself

+ Sweet, warm honey-like scent

+ Often used to improve moods

+ May help relax muscles

+ May help nervous irritability

+ May help on days you feel like you have the blues

+ May promote feelings of contentment and peace

DIGIZE At first thought an oil blend designed for digestive discomfort may not come to mind when talking about oils and emotions. But for those who's emotional stress plays a big part in stomach discomfort this would be a great oil for you to look into!

+ Includes oils such as Juniper, which may help bring balance to emotions and the impact of stress of your digestive functions.


I could pretty much talk to you all day about my love for this oil. I use it daily.

+ Grounding

+ May be supportive of feelings of fear, loneliness, insecurity, etc.

+ May be calming and relaxing


I can't think of hardly anything I DON'T use lavender for!

+ May promote restful night sleep

+ Calming

+ Safe with little ones

+ May support those wanting to combat irritability and frustration


Studies have shown that just inhaling lemon essential oil can help with feelings of sadness. I love diffusing this in the morning and adding a drop to my water.

+ May help with clarity of thought

+ May be uplifting

+ May help with focus and concentration


Another essential oil you don't think of right away when you're thinking about emotions, but it definitely has more uses than just helping soothe tired and sore muscles!

+ Cool and invigorating smell

+ May promote feelings of energy

+ Place one drop in hands and rub together and inhale!

+ May be uplifting to body and mind

+ May promote feelings of vibrance and letting go


Another one of my favorites! It has so many uses. I love this oil to help wake me up in the morning and feeling alert!

+ Invigorating smell

+ Smells crisp, clean and cool

+ If you are experiencing emotional stress in your digestive system (ex: knots in your stomach) this would be a good oil to check out

+ May promote clarity and concentration

+ May promote energy

+ May be helpful for combatting stress


This is one of my favorites in my home for using with laundry and diffusing to help cleanse the air, but it also may have uses to help with our emotions!

+ Contains lemongrass, which may be helpful in promoting a restful night's sleep

+ May promote relaxation

+ May help with lessening feelings of anger


+ May be uplifting

+ May be energizing

+ Supports lymphatic system - if this something you're interested in you should definitely look more into RC!

+ May be helpful in feeling rejuvenated


One of my very favorite oils ever! I could sing love songs to it all day long.

+ Lime and vanilla two key ingredients

+ May be helpful in combatting emotional stress

+ May be helpful in combatting nervousness

+ May help promote relaxation

+ May promote calming feelings

+ Would recommend adding your roller top to this bottle and roll it on the back of your neck!


Thieves is a powerhouse, amiright? It has so many uses for helping boost our immune system, but may also help with our emotions as well!

+ May promote relaxation

+ Smells like Christmastime!

+ May promote feelings of clarity and focus

+ May help with feelings of uncertainty


There are MANY other oils that are AMAZING support for our emotions (outside of your kits).

Emotions are why I personally got into oils in the first place. I use Joy + Valor DAILY. They are incredible and I can't imagine now a day without this combo. POWER DUO!

Many women see great support from Progessence Plus. Many of our emotions are tied to our hormones so this oil is a beautiful support for us ladies. (Also check out Dragon Time - this one comes in handy also around that time of the month ;) ).

A few other favorites are Humility, White Angelica and Inner Child. (Look up these oils and read their little Young Living descriptions, AMAZING oils).

I don't look at a bottle of oil as a magic potion that is going to magically give me JOY. But I do believe with all my heart that oils are beautiful tools that can absolutely be used to help support us in the ways that we need.

A few of my favorites:

+ 2 drops of Progessence Plus on my wrists

+ 2 drops of Valor + 2 drops Joy on my wrists - morning and night. Two drops of Joy on my chest.

+ Frankincense on my face and back of neck. I do this every night before bed!

+ Stress Away RollOn on my wrists

+ Then my favorite daily diffuser combos for emotions are:

Joy + Tangerine

Stress Away + Citrus Fresh

White Angelica

Release + Purification + Joy

Frank + Lemon + Stress Away


Every one of us is different - definitely try various combos topically and diffused consistently as you seek out the best support for YOU!

Remember that being consistent daily is a HUGE KEY to these beautiful oils.


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