Why You Need a Business with Young Living: Simple Steps to Replace Your Existing Salary!


Young Living has blessed my socks off.

I began using essential oils after a diagnosis in October of 2015 when I started to see how important my health truly is. Sure, I was a healthy, young woman overall. But my body was telling me that I wasn't treating it well and something needed to change. I began to see that what I put on my body and expose myself to matters just as much as clean eating and exercise.

I then saw how AMAZING the business with Young Living is. I was FLOORED by how loving, encouraging, and gracious this community is to its people. Not only does Young Living take great care of its people with yearly cruises, convention, monthly freebies, and an incredible compensation plan, but this community blesses everyone involved as well - regardless of background, needs, fears, or goals. I found myself suddenly in front of free tools for the business like a monthly Mentorship, Gameplan (in the video above), graphics, and so much more to help me succeed in this business.

The best part?? When you order from anyone in Young Living you are blessing their family and their business. You are helping them put food on their table, send that little girl to dance classes, that little boy to baseball, allowing a family to retire from a draining 9-5 job they can't stand, etc. You're blessing someone directly, and it's so amazing.

When you sign up, just let me know you want to do the business and I'll get you set up with the Gameplan course and link arms with you to make sure you have everything you need to get out there and make your goals come true! You absolutely do not have to be a "salesperson", have any experience in network marketing, or be an expert on essential oils to be successful in this business. You simply have to love on people and share oils organically - it's not daunting at all, I promise :)

Since I started sharing essential oils (because I love them SO darn much!), I have been blessed financially and in the new relationships and friendships I am building. This business causes tremendous personal growth and you will be more confident and joyful because of it! I am so excited for the future, as Stan and I are able to give abundantly, continue to pay off debt, help families pay for adoptions, and more. I just love this vision :)

Email me at theradiantoilers@gmail.com for more info and to get started!



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