Brand New Products from Young Living Announced! Safe for You and Your Family

Young Living just wrapped up their yearly 2017 Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah and goodness was it amazing! This company loves to shower its people with gifts, recognition, and support. They open their lavender farm in Mona, Utah for all to come visit, the office doors and employees are all accessible and the people exude joy. They also announced over 70 new products, including baby and cosmetic lines!

Now we have a one-stop-shop for everything! It's super easy and I love that I don't have to go hunt everything down at different stores and I get such a generous percent back to use for my next purchases every single month - and they're safe for me and my family - no chemicals! Everything I need, every month, shows up right on my doorstep and I LOVE it :) All you Stitch Fix and Hello Fresh lovers need this.

Check out all the new products below! Feel free to shoot me an email to get in on all the goodness.

Clean, safe, nontoxic products for your little one that are specially formulated for baby's tender skin!

For those of you without kiddos, the baby wipes smell amazing and are great to have in the car or around the house for messes and spills!

I am definitely the most excited about this new, toxin free, skin nourishing make up line! I was hoping and praying for Young Living to offer cosmetics and was jumping up and down when they released this awesome news!

You can find lip gloss, lip stick, eyeliner, make up brushes, foundation, eyeshadow, and more in this stinking gorgeous line!

I was also very excited about these new products I can use when I'm out in the sun this summer!

+ Insect Repellent: 30% more efficacious than other natural bug sprays. Entirely made of oils!

+ Lavederm After Sun Spray: great for when you've had a little too much sun ;) This guy is super nourishing and fresh on skin.

+ Mineral Sunscreen Lotion: 10spf (Google why a low spf is a good thing!), 80 min sweat & water resistance, toxin free (definitely don't want chemicals cooking on your skin in the sun!)

My hubs is SO excited about this one! Ladies, Shutran smells amazing - get this for your hubbies! He will love in! This body wash can also be used as a shampoo and face wash for your man. Young Living offers both an 8oz and a 3oz for easy travel!

Hello amino acids! Hello post-workout muscle support! I threw this in my order from Young Living right away for Stan and I for after our work outs. This one is a must have in my book!

I'm very excited for this one! Simple, easy stick packs to make it easy to take with you in a purse, while traveling, or to the gym. Definitely one I want to have with me while traveling and eating new foods, especially!

1 in 4 women and 2 in 5 men suffer from osteoporosis. This supplement is great for helping us to maintain strong bone density!

And what could be better than a brand new, gorgeous diffuser?? Definitely eye-balling this one for my guest room ;)

What are your favorite new products?







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