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  • Relaxing and soothing

  • Diffuse or apply topically for sleep support

  • Diffuse in nurseries + playrooms

  • Supports sleep, emotions, skin, seasonal changes, owies, head tension

  • We use lavender for everything in our home! From tattoo and skin support, to sleepy time, to wool dryer balls in our laundry - we love this oil and go through them so quickly!


peace + calming

  • Calming, sweet and relaxing aroma

  • Helps soothe active little ones

  • Diffuse after work or school, before bedtime

  • Supports relaxation, emotions, clarity, sleep

  • I love giving this one to friends and family who have newborns or young kiddos! So sweet and gentle for littles. We diffuse this after work to help us wind down after a long day!



  • Grounding, calming aroma

  • Diffuse or apply topically to support prayer, meditation, and focus

  • Supports mental clarity, focus, skin (think smooth skin), emotions, hormones, immune system

  • I have a roller top on mine and apply it to my face every night to support my skin



  • The "courage" oil

  • Apply topically to wrists/forearms

  • Light, woodsy, grounding aroma

  • Use for kiddos before school, before a big meeting a work, or daily for general support

  • Supports bravery/courage, emotions, clenching + grinding, snoring

  • We have Valor bottles everywhere! I apply daily on my wrists or forearms and Joy on my chest. My hubby can't go without this one!


stress away​

  • Smells like vacation in a bottle, vanilla + lime dreams

  • Calming, relaxing, sweet aroma

  • Put a roller top on it and roll on kiddos, on your wrists and chest daily, diffuse with orange for an uplifting aroma

  • Supports emotions, feelings of peace + tranquility, relaxation, mental clarity

  • I like to use this oil on our wool dryer balls in our laundry, I'll diffuse it with Orange or Joy for an uplifting aroma, I also have a roller top on mine and apply daily!



  • Crisp, wintery, cool aroma

  • Apply topically, diluted, to muscles

  • Great for use after workouts or long days

  • Supports muscles, joints, circulation (think icy/hot)

  • We have a rice bag that we heat up and let sit on our sore or tired muscles, and then apply some Panaway!


lemon vitality​

  • Apply topically, diffuse, ingest

  • Uplifting, energizing, stimulating aroma

  • Great for removing sticky things, body detox, home cleaning booster, freshening home scent, energy booster

  • Supports overall wellness, energy, immune system, respiratory system, seasonal changes

  • I have a seasonal support roller with Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint that we apply daily to our spines. I'll also cook with it and put a drop in my water in the morning. I'll put a drop or two down the kitchen sink or trash can to freshen them up.

** Vitality (white labels as shown) oils can be ingested and are FDA approved!


thieves vitality​

  • Apply topically, diffuse, ingest

  • Smells like Christmas! Woodsy, invigorating aroma

  • Supports overall wellness, immune system, room freshener, home cleaning booster

  • I have a roller of Thieves and apply to my feet every night before bed for immune support. I also put a drop in hot tea for immune support! You can diffuse in your home for overall immune support as well!

** Vitality (white labels as shown) oils can be ingested and are FDA approved!

digize vitality

  • Apply topically, diffuse, ingest

  • Earthy, grounding aroma

  • Supports digestive system and nauseous feelings

  • We have DiGize bottles everywhere in our home! I put roller tops on them so we can quickly and easily apply straight to our abdomens for digestive support. You can also put them in a veggie capsule and take as a supplement.

** Vitality (white labels as shown) oils can be ingested and are FDA approved!


citrus fresh vitality​

  • Apply topically, diffuse, ingest

  • Uplifting, energizing aroma

  • Diffuse to freshen air

  • Supports energy, mental clarity, relaxation

  • I love diffusing this one with Lime or Thieves to freshen our home!

** Vitality (white labels as shown) oils can be ingested and are FDA approved!


peppermint vitality​

  • Apply topically, diffuse, ingest

  • Strong, vibrant, energizing aroma

  • Minty taste

  • Cooling when applied topically

  • Supports energy, mental clarity, head tension, digestion, circulation, focus, and seasonal changes

  • I LOVE Peppermint! I always have a bottle with me. I will apply it to my temples and back of my neck on long drives, diffuse while working to help me focus and think clearly, and I have a roller with Lavender and Lemon for seasonal support.

** Vitality (white labels as shown) oils can be ingested and are FDA approved!



  • Apply topically

  • Strong, bold, wintery aroma

  • Use on children 6 years or older

  • Supports respiratory system, immune system

  • Cooling sensation when applied to skin (dilute!), can make a chest rub with coconut oil

  • We apply Raven to our chest and neck for seasonal and immune support when we're needing some help in those areas!


thieves spray​

  • Smells like Christmas! Clean, fresh, spicy aroma

  • Spray down restaurant tables, shopping carts, door handles, etc.

  • Use on all surfaces!

  • Supports immune system as you use it


ningxia red packets​

  • The tastiest of all! Has a tangy, yet sweet flavor

  • Your kit comes with 2 packets! Put in the fridge to drink chilled later that day

  • High in antioxidants. Full of wolfberries (also known as the goji berry)

  • Supports energy, immunity, brain health, joint health, hormones, curbs sugar cravings, high in antioxidants

  • We get the packets in our monthly wellness box because they're so easy to grab and go! I like to drink one in the morning and one in the afternoon around 3 o'clock


thieves waterless hand sanitizer

  • Kills 99.99% of germs on contact

  • Unlike many other hand sanitizers, this sanitizer has aloe in it, that helps keeps skin soft

  • Ingredients help prevent skin cracking

  • Supports immunity

  • We have these everywhere! The car, purse, bags, kitchen - all over the place!


aria diffuser - option 1

  • You get to choose a diffuser with your kit!

  •  My fave of all the diffusers! The Aria is GORGEOUS.

  • 3 run modes (12 hours max)

  • Ambient, multicolor light options

  • Remote control

  • Timed/automatic shutoff

  • Plays calming sounds

  • Has an auxiliary port so you can play your own music. Great for a yoga session, meditation, relaxing bath, or even cleaning the house!

  • Great for medium - larger sized rooms

  • We have ours in our kitchen. Friends always comment on it!


dewdrop diffuser - option 2​

  • You get to choose a diffuser with your kit!

  • Dewdrop is simple, modern, and easy to use

  • 3 run modes (10 hours max)

  • 11 light color options

  • Automatic shutoff

  • Great for medium sized rooms

  • Dewdrop was the first diffuser I got. We have one sitting on our nightstand in our master bedroom. We love this one!


desert mist diffuser - option 3​

  • You get to choose a diffuser with your kit!

  • Desert Mist is very simple to use! It has a beautiful cover and looks gorgeous

  • 3 run modes (10 hours max)

  • 11 light color options

  • Automatic shutoff

  • Great for medium sized rooms

  • We have one of these in our guest bedroom and our guests love it!

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at

rainstone diffuser - option 4

  • You get to choose a diffuser with your kit!

  • Handmade by trained ceramic artisans

  • Negative ionizer settings

  • 5 run modes (8 hours max)

  • 5 soft LED light settings

  • Timed/automatic shutoff

  • Great for medium sized rooms, particularly bedrooms!

  • Negatively charged ions are most prevalent in natural places and particularly around moving water or after a thunderstorm. They also help clear the air of allergens, dust, and icky things that float in the air we breathe in