live your dreams,

don't just dream your life

I didn't know how beautiful this would be.

I had no idea how beautiful this opportunity would be for my family and how it would be an avenue for us to work toward being able to work in our gifts and passions, how it would challenge us and grow us, cultivating personal growth in new ways, and be so dang fun.

I've always known I wasn't made for the conventional job. I could do it, but I don't thrive in those environments. Over the years I've discovered more and more about myself and the things that light up my heart and set my soul on fire.

I found a place where I can be creative, build relationships, step into leadership, work from anywhere and at the times of the day when I'm most clear and my creative juices flow, build a business with a vision of my own, and where I can share about some of the things I'm most passionate about!

when you join young living, you join a team

one of my favorite things about this business and our community is the heart beating behind it all.

here, there is zero pressure, immense support, overflowing resources, and lots of laughter.


I truly mean it when I say, our heart is to help you as you dream big dreams, reach your goals, and flourish with your own business. Because we get it, and we want to empower you to say yes to scary things, tell fear and shame to go to hell, and take those very first steps toward building a life you're just so dang excited about.

when you join young living, you join a team.

my encouragement to you whether you're just wanting to use your new products, or build a business, is to choose a team you connect with and that fits your vibe.

our honey + rose community is a place of positivity, fun, diversity, respect, and growth.

we love on each other hard and we do life together.

if that sounds like you, you're in the right place!

we'd love to have you!

^^^ check this out! should help answer a lot of questions you may have!

how to get started

1. click the link below to get started

2. select "become a brand partner"

3. grab a starter bundle

4. stalk your mailman!

once you join our team:

I will send you a welcome email with our favorite oily accessories and links that you can start to look at while you wait for your bundle to arrive.


I'll also send you my exclusive welcome gift pack with roller bottles, a household cleaner label for your spray bottle, diffuser bracelet, dropper bottle, sample of our household cleaner, lip balm, resources, and lots more goodies!

And last but not least, I'll plug you into our fb community groups where you can access all of our team's resources, recipes, tips, diy's, ask questions, and connect with other people like you!

There is never pressure to sell a thing here. The most important thing to our team is that you feel comfortable, supported, informed and equipped. We're here for you!

ready to get started?